40+ Smart Modern Small Storage To Have This Year

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It’s a fact of life that most of us, at one time or another, are going to live in a space that is too small for all of our treasured belongings. Certainly, when you first move out on your own (the first, second, or third time), you have all of the things you acquired while living at your parents’ house and suddenly find your next home is, well, a bit cramped.

Perhaps you live in a large city where space is simply expensive and scarce. Fortunately, contemporary design focuses on clean lines and functional furniture and, as a result, there are some great ways you can make your space, however small it might be, work for you.’

The first place I lived when I moved out of my parents’ house was off-campus housing near my college in the heart of downtown Portland, Oregon. I shared a teeny, tiny kitchen and a very small bathroom with the student in the room next to me.

A bed, a sink, a built-in desk that doubled as a dresser, and a closet without a door were the extent of my “furnishings”. The space was easily half of what I’d had at home and yet I had most of the same possessions.

Everything I owned was in a state of constant battle – stacks of clothes pushing books off of the desk, homework and make-up huddled shoulder to shoulder on a smidgen of counter space, and a regulation ironing board threatened to topple and knock them all down if someone shut a door too hard.

Only recently have I come across some great contemporary ideas for saving space that would have truly made my life so much easier in that dorm. These ideas are perfect for small apartments, city lofts, or for anyone who wants a little more space.

Maybe you even have all the space you need but want a little less clutter. Contemporary design elements focus on a clean, uncluttered living environment where your furnishings work for you – not against you.

Many contemporary pieces are also styled to be works of art in their own right, providing great interest and visual appeal.

For small kitchens – If your cabinet shelves leave enough space between their edge and the cabinet door, install a hanging, drop-down shelf on the inside of a couple of them. These shelves can hold light cooking items or utensils while you work.

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